Broiler chicken houses South Africa

A broiler house is a chicken house designed specifically for raising broilers – or chickens for slaughter. Unlike a layer house, a broiler chicken house has higher sides and a lower roof. The curtain system is exactly the same but the curtain opening is not as high as in a layer house. The curtain system has a winch for easy opening and closing of the poultry curtains.

Poultry house South Africa

Yellow door chicken house from South Africa

The sides of the house are covered with mesh and steel poultry house is clad in galvanised steel. When you buy a chicken house make sure you buy one with the thickest galvanised roofing you can afford. Many of the budget chicken houses on the market use 0.27 thick roofing – which is not going to last very long. It is well worth spending the extra money and roofing your poultry house with 0.5mm roofing or thicker.

Your broiler house should have a water tank on the roof and pipes that carry the water to the bell drinkers or poultry drinkers. Broiler Chickens are placed when they are a day old in broiler houses. You will need tube feeders and chick trays. The chicken house should also be supplied with chicken heaters. All the poultry equipment for chicken houses should be supplied when you buy poultry houses for chicken farming.

A broiler house will also come with tube feeders. Broiler houses in South Africa come in many sizes – depending on how many broiler chickens you wish to keep in the chicken house. Chicken farming has certain regulations about how many chickens per square meter – but you can place about 15 chickens per square meter in a broiler house. You will need to keep a close eye on your broiler chickens as disease spreads rapidly in a poultry house with high stocking densities – if you are doing free range you will need to give your chickens access to the outside using pop holes or free range flaps in your broiler house. Chicken farming and poultry farming uses very specific poultry equipment – and breeds of chickens South Africa. Poultry housing is available fromĀ  Chicken Shack Agencies. The best chicken house is known as a “Yellow Door Poultry House” and is made in South Africa.

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  1. bongani ekhosana says:

    Dear we are starting up thandabantu bakhe co-operative ltd. We would like to make quotations for four chicken poultry structures at our farm, that can curry about 2100 chicks per structure. You can them via email. Thank you in advance.

  2. I need a quotation for the chicken 7000 for the broilers and 6000 for the layer all together should be 13000 chickens. I have water and electricity and it is a private business in Namibia.

  3. Thaba k says:

    Not yet, but the farm will be situated at GaMphahlele area

  4. Thaba k says:

    Dear sir/medam
    Kindly send a quartation of a house which can
    acommodate 20,000 broiler chicken and every
    thing that goes with it eg gas heaters, feeding
    water tank etc. please send them to this email

  5. Lethusang Kompi says:

    Dear sir/medam
    Kindly send a quartation of a house which can acommodate 10,000 broiler chicken and every thing that goes with it eg gas heaters, feeding water tank etc.

  6. charles joshi says:

    Kindly send me a quotation for a house which can accommodate 3000 chickens a plain one with no extras ( heaters) and i trust you will send the sizes as well.You can send me on the email address i sent with the reply.

    Kind Regards
    Charles Joshi

  7. willer shakoane says:

    i want to grow 3000 chicks please quote me a house with accessories. [mpumalanga]

    very urgent

  8. mthobisi says:

    i would like a quatation for 2 broiler houses which take 2500 each pls send me via email asap and its realy urgent thanks

  9. KOLOANDO says:

    I m congolese I need to buy breeding broilers for my farm
    I want to know the price please
    Excuse my english

  10. Xinane Moloi says:

    Hi There

    I have a 70-ha land plot in Buffelspruit Farm, Brits North West and I would like to start a chicken farm(Broiler).
    I realized that a business plan is important and I have been trying to put one together but I’m failing. I want a business plan for the cheapest two broiler houses able to house 3000 chickens each with everything included, fans, storage facilities for the feed, gas heaters, brooding curtains, Silo per house at minimum distance, closed environment.

    I know there is a lot more that I need to consider but then for now those are the most important. I don’t have any knowledge or training on the chicken business but I have an idea from the little research that I have done.

    Thank you in advance…

    • Admin says:

      Is this for a government grant? – If so which agency and how much is the grant for. I do know that there is usually a limit on what amount of funding is provided. It would help with my quote if I had these details for the broiler house quote. If it is not for a project through government – let me know ad I will quote on everything you would possibly need for a broiler farm and you can decide what you would like to include or exclude on your chicken farm.

  11. Sekamo Mohajane says:

    Good Day,
    I would love to have a quote for a structure that can withhold 40000 broiler chickens.
    Hope to hear from you soon

    Sekamo Mohajane

    • Hi,
      That is a huge house – 14m x 191m. I don’t think there are any houses that size in South Africa.

      A 130m x 14m will hold about 27000 broilers – the structure alone will cost about R1.55 million.
      If you are looking for such a large house and you also need equipment I will need to know the following before I quote on the equipment:

      Free range or intensive broiler farming?

      How many chickens do you want to farm with?

      How many chickens per square meter?

      Broilers, layers, broiler/breeders or breeder/layers?

      What size house do you want?

      Do you need the property or house fenced?

      Where is the chicken house to be located? Distance from Johannesburg?

      Do you want manual feeding, pan feeding or chain feeding?

      Do you want nipple drinking or bell drinking?

      Has an impact assessment been done?

      Is this for a government funded project?

      How big is the land?

      Do you need storage facilities?

      Do you want gas heaters?

      Do you want fans?

      Do you want a brooding curtain?

      Do you want a silo per house?

      How far are the silos to be located from the house?

      Closed environment or open environment?

      Do you want Roof Insulation?

  12. Tawu says:

    Could you please quote me for side curtains for both sides for a house that is 120m long. drop down of curtain is 2 m
    I would also like a false ceiling installed, and the measurements would be 120m x12


    • How big is the daylight opening? – that is the actual hole in the wall of the chicken house. Generally we add between 300mm and 500mm to that height so we can attach the curtain to the bottom wall. What curtain parts do you have – any pulleys, steel cable, winches etc.? Where is your chicken farm?
      You say a false cieling – do you want to put in insulation in the poultry house? – it will have to be waterproof so that you can clean the chicken house at the end of the cycle.

  13. Michael Ndlovu says:

    Good Day

    Please send me a quote for a small poultry house for broiler chickens

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind Regards

    Michael Ndlovu

    • Admin says:

      Your email address is bouncing – so I cannot send you information on broiler houses. What size chicken house are you looking for and how many broilers do you wish to farm with?

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